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We Need Your Support!

We’re Participating in Give Big San Bernardino County Fundraising Event for our Student Internship Program to help students bridge the supportive gap and gain workplace skills as they move from High School to Post-Secondary School. Help us reach our goal of $10,000 by October 30th! Giving during our Pre-Campaign helps us leverage match dollars and bonuses.

About the Internship:

Students to participate in this internship must go through an application & interview process. Students awarded the internship includes:

  • 500 Hours of Work Experience in a Professional Work Environment

  • Tasks Related to the Growing Hope Project (such as student outreach, student mentoring, public speaking, etc.)

  • Interest and Skills Assessments

  • Customized Career and College Planning

  • Financial Aid Application and Navigation Assistance

  • Performing Industry Research

  • Networking

  • Completion of a Student Internship Project

Sample of growing System Videos

To help explain the different growing systems, we created quick informational videos to be looped on iPads near each of the systems.

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