San Bernardino City Unified School District

San Bernardino City Unified School District is a public school district in San Bernardino County, California that serves most of the city of San Bernardino and a portion of Highland. The district has an enrollment of approximately 57,000, making it the sixth largest school district in California

The mission of SBCUSD, the leading expert in human learning, is to ensure all students, cradle to career, develop the knowledge, skills, and proficiencies required for college, career, civic, and economic success by inspiring and engaging them in a system distinguished by: 

  • high expectations for student and staff performance

  • vital partnerships with families, community, and employers

  • culturally proficient schools

  • learning experiences beyond traditional boundaries of where and when

  • safe, respectful, and welcoming environments.

San Andreas High School

San Andreas High School is a comprehensive school that offers an alternative program for students who have not experienced success in a traditional school setting.

The school prides itself on providing an accelerated pathway to graduation through computer-based, individually paced, and traditional programs.

We offer an afternoon session and an alternative computer-based program to accommodate more students who may be attempting a fifth year of high school or who have dropped out and want to return.

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Technical Employment Training

Technical Employment Training is a 501c(3) non profit business and education cooperative. In partnership with San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools to provide manufacturing trades education and hands on skills training to prepare them for a skilled workforce. Our Mission at Technical Employment Training is: To provide certified employment skills training and job placement assistance to enhance the employability of job seekers, facilitate career growth opportunities for employees and assist employers in acquiring an exceptionally qualified workforce. Here at TET, we are more than a trade school. The students and instructors are co-located in a real world environment where the shop is operated as a business. Our students gain hands-on experience in an operational business setting while earning nationally recognized certifications. Businesses bring real projects to TET where student proficiency is developed on-the-job.

At TET, we believe in Keeping America Great by Leading the world in economic development, business, innovation, education and quality of life with an unmatched, top-quality, skilled workforce.

Night Owl Bay, Inc.

Night Owl Bay, Inc. is a female, minority owned business with a desire to create engaging, interactive and experiences for their clients, The company’s innovative team possesses a passion for high quality products and services and a tenacious curiosity for information and learning. Night Owl Bay offers their clients innovative project and program development and implementation for non-profits, public schools, and small businesses. With a unique and comprehensive approach to solving problems and a solid foundation in user experience, the company enjoys taking on projects where health and wellness, technology innovation, and education merge. With clients from across the United States, Mexico, and Taiwan, Night Owl Bay, Inc. has produced marketing and branding, events and conferences, information and research, and design and implementation.

Currently the company is focused on building The Growing Hope Project at San Andreas High School with their collaborative partners.

Crossroads Rotary

Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world.

Our Vision

To be known as a club where members find true friendship, professional enrichment, and personal fulfillment through opportunities to serve humanity.

Our Goals

To recruit and retain members by enriching their lives through providing friendship, personal fulfillment and diversified opportunities for service.

Our Values

Community Service