Technical Employment Training

Technical Employment Training is a 501c(3) non profit business and education cooperative. In partnership with San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools to provide manufacturing trades education and hands on skills training to prepare them for a skilled workforce. Our Mission at Technical Employment Training is: To provide certified employment skills training and job placement assistance to enhance the employability of job seekers, facilitate career growth opportunities for employees and assist employers in acquiring an exceptionally qualified workforce. Here at TET, we are more than a trade school. The students and instructors are co-located in a real world environment where the shop is operated as a business. Our students gain hands-on experience in an operational business setting while earning nationally recognized certifications. Businesses bring real projects to TET where student proficiency is developed on-the-job.

At TET, we believe in Keeping America Great by Leading the world in economic development, business, innovation, education and quality of life with an unmatched, top-quality, skilled workforce.