It Was Great to Meet You!

So...we met, talked, we laughed and had a great conversation.  Want to see more stuff about the Growing Hope Project?  Take a look at this page and get to know us!

MISSION STATEMENT: To train and empower today’s youth with the skills and confidence to thrive in tomorrow’s economy.

Change Your Engergy. Life.


Students we’re helping

The first set of our mini-documentary series to help promote, garner community partnerships and fundraise for the Growing Hope Project.

Project Update

The latest update on why we started the project, what the project is about, where we are at and how to get involved.

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what we've been up to

Board Presentation Packets

Video of walkthrough of PowerPoint Presentation slides created.

Support for School Board Presentation and Events including, PowerPoint, Videos, Handouts. See video to the right. 

Packets Include:

  • PowerPoint

  • Project Outcomes

  • Scope of Work

  • Career Opportunity Plan

  • NIPP Grant

  • Transforming San Bernardino

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Request for Supportive Services

  • Request to Enter an Agreement Form REAF

Sample of growing System Videos

To help explain the different growing systems, we created quick informational videos to be looped on iPads near each of the systems.

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